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Redsun Infotech Limited would assist you with complete decision support for strategic and tactical analysis. Our expert consultant would work on improving the data quality and integration issues. They would also focus on planning, implementing and designing a perfect intelligence solution for you.

Following services would unlock the potential of your company:
  • Analyzing data of all the departments, i.e. HR, Operations, Finance, client relation and others.
  • Build the data warehouse using Microsoft technologies to integrate different legacy systems
  • Data modelling advise provided to model your data for your business to achieve maximum benefit to deliver a perfect data warehouse solution.
  • Help you implement business reports using various presentation tools like Microsoft Reporting services and Qlik View
  • Storing data in the data warehouse through ERP system

Apart from these services our consultant would address all the problems that enterprise encounters, thus these services and other valuable strategy would lead your company to the better future.