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Redsun Infotech Limited has proved his forte in developing modules for system of minimum infrastructure to large cloud based system. Our team of expert consultants can help you implement various ERP packages like SAP and EPICOR tailed to your business processes.. We use best methodology to deliver prepackaged software’s to ensure that the objectives are achieved on time and budget.

We ensure that our experts would be always at your side with the following services:
  • Implementing new ERP projects.
  • Help in integration of your ERP system with any third party application like E-commerce website or CRM.
  • Provide Advise on implementation and design of Infrastructure required for your ERP
  • Health Check for your ERP system and help you achieve your business goals.
  • Help in Gap analysis and Business Process Re-engineering for your ERP system or new ERP implementation
  • Installation of infrastructures

Thus our industry expert consultants would provide huge satisfaction, ROI and highest quality service to our clients.